WRDSB “The List” Hiring Practices update

A few things – some rather random –

More information about ‘the list’…

  • The total number of OTs who applied to the list – 484.
  • The total number of OTs on the list – 269.
  • The roster (all OTs with the Board) will be organized in decreasing order based on the teachers’ seniority as an Occasional Teacher with the WRDSB. The teacher’s name and date of most recent hire to the WRDSB OT roster will be included.
  • The members on ‘the list’ (those eligible to hire to LTO and permanent positions) will be organized in alphabetical order.
  • The Board is waiting for final information regarding further information to be posted on the roster before they determine when the lists will be posted.
  • Once the roster and list are posted they will be updated every two weeks – the day before the pay days.
  • Members on ‘the list’ who have French qualifications are not limited to applying only to French positions.
  • Once positions go to the roster – because there is no one on ‘the list’ who is qualified and who applied – seniority no longer applies.

More information about the follow up interviews…

Section 8 of Regulation 274 states, “If following an interview a teacher is not placed on the long-term occasional teachers list or appointed or assigned to a long-term assignment or permanent position, the teacher is entitled, on request, to meet with the person or panel that conducted the interview to discuss,

  • a) his or her performance during the interview
  • b) measures he or she could take to enhance his or her professional qualifications; and
  • c) other ways to improve his or her chance of being successful in a similar interview in the future.”

Members who were not placed on ’the list’ are encouraged to ask for a follow-up interview and to ask specific questions about these three categories. If it is felt that sufficient information was not provided, please contact the OT office. At that point ETFO can follow up on the process.


  • More information about the meetings we are organizing to discuss the process for establishing ‘the list’ will be coming soon.
  • I have missed putting out our Connecting…Occasionally newsletter for May 15 – it’s been very busy here at the office. Thanks for your understanding. I’ll try again for June 1.
  • Tim Horton’s Meet and Greet – tomorrow, Thursday, May 23 – 3:45ish until 5:00ish – University Ave. and Fischer-Hallman

Judy Cutts
WROTL President

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