WRDSB LTO “list” Hiring Practices

I met at some length with Mr. Schinkel and Mr. Weinert this morning – Thursday. I have some information to share with members regarding the Eligibility to Hire to Permanent and LTO Positions. The information is limited right now, but I will be updating all members through emails as more information becomes available. The following points are in no order of significance…

  • The Board has acknowledged that there will be some changes made to processes regarding the interviews and the establishment of the list in the future. We, ETFO, are continuing to engage in respectful conversations with the Board.
  • The Board is willing to meet with a group, or perhaps more than one group, of Occasional Teachers who would like to be able to get some clarification about the process and who would like to express their concerns. Our Local will be arranging for these meetings in the near future. Please watch for announcements soon as to place, date and time.
  • The Board has indicated that there will be no appeal process at this time for those who were unsuccessful in getting on ‘the list’.
  • The Board has indicated that ETFO representatives may not attend the follow-up interviews.
  • Members who were not successful in being placed on ‘the list’ are strongly encouraged to ask for follow up interviews.
  • As ETFO, we cannot file a grievance. We can only grieve what is in our Collective Agreement and none of this is in our agreement.
  • Applicants with French qualifications were interviewed only for a French ‘subsection’ of ‘the list’, as, if they were successful getting onto the list, they would be eligible to apply for any French contract/LTO position that becomes available and, due to seniority, would have to be hired at some point. As a result, their fluency in French had to be at a high standard.
  • I hope to be able to let members know the final numbers tomorrow – how many applied, how many were interviewed, how many are on ‘the list’. 
  • The list was established effective May 10. Any further LTOs/contracts posted this year will be adhering to the new practice of hiring from those on ‘the list’.
  • For members who are on ‘the list’, when a position becomes available, the 5 most senior members who are qualified and who apply, will be interviewed. The position must be offered to them in an order determined by the Principal. If all 5 decline the position, they will go to the rest of the applicants who are qualified and have applied. They do not have to interview the next group, after the first 5, according to seniority.
  • I do not have clarity about what happens after ‘the list’ is depleted. I do know they will go to ‘the roster’ to fill positions. I have asked several questions and will let members know when I get more information about this.
  • I asked when the roster and the list will be published. That is being discussed by Board personnel. It is expected ‘soon’. It will be available through ECNO. It has not been determined if it will be posted by name or EIN.
  • The Board is aware that the June hiring process will be complex. Plans for that process are incomplete at this time.

There are many questions to be answered, but I wanted members to have this information at this time.
Please keep watching for more emails. I have been getting behind with responding to emails and phone messages. I am sorry about that. If you have questions you do not feel are getting addressed in these emails during the next few days, please feel free to ‘give me a nudge’…and I will try to respond in a timely manner. Thank you for your patience.

I am hearing from many members about how this process has affected them. One was an email from a member who was successful in getting on ‘the list’. That member wrote “I don’t really feel elated, just worn out.
Judy Cutts
WROTL President

Written by Communications Officer

ETFO WROTL Communications Officer 2011/2012

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