WRDSB LTO List Update!

I have some more information regarding the Board’s process for establishing the ‘Eligibility to Hire to LTO and Permanent Positions list’…

  • Candidates will receive a call from the interviewing Principal between April 3 – 12, 2013, if they are being invited to an interview.  I have just received information that HR hopes to have names of people to be interviewed to the Principals on April 3, but that date can’t be guaranteed.  Once they have the names, Principals will start to set up the interviews.
  • Principals will be asked to do their best to accommodate Occasional Teachers who have an interview booked on a day that they already have an assignment booked.
  • If an interview time has been established between the Principal and the candidate, then the candidate is being asked by the Board to honour the interview time and not accept any assignments that conflict with the interview.
  • It is the school at which the daily has had the most contact with in the past 10 school months (one year) that will be considered for the reference process.
  • At the ‘next stage’ – hiring to permanent positions – the 4 month LTO does not have to have been done in the past 10 school months – it can be anytime in the past with this Board.
  • The ‘no negative evaluation’ portion of the requirement to have had a 4 month LTO will not be in place until the evaluation system is in place – in September.
  • The interviews will take place at a location to be determined by the Principals.  Most will be held in the schools, but may be held in the Ed. Centre.
  • The interview teams will be Elementary administrators, a minimum of two, either Principals, or Principals and VPs.
  • Occasional teachers who are in part-time contract positions do not need to be ‘on the list’ in order to apply to the part-time to more-time contract posting that will be published during the hiring process for contract teachers – generally the third or fourth round for contract teachers.

Good luck to all who are involved in the process.  There are still unanswered questions.  The Board tells me, in an email I received March 28, that they do not know how many interviews will happen or how many people will be added to the list.  We will need to watch how this unfolds.  Please keep in touch!


OT Tip: Be careful with your application!

If you are applying for any positions now, or in the future, please consider your application carefullyOnly apply for positions that you would be willing to accept if it were to be offered to you.  There may be some ‘last minute decision making’ involved, but generally, if you are not prepared to accept a .3 LTO, do not apply for it.  Or, if the position is at a school that you are not prepared to travel to, do not apply.

Please make sure that the ‘logistics’ of being available are also in place.  I have been hearing recently that some administrators are having challenges connecting with applicants because the candidates are not returning phone calls in a timely manner, or at all.   Some voice mail boxes are full.  Staffing a school is not easy – and recent changes are not making the process easier.   We need to be prepared to do our part in these situations.

  •  If you have applied for more than one position, I would strongly suggest that they be positions you would be willing to accept.
  • Unless something new becomes evident during the interview, members should accept a position if offered – with enthusiasm and delight!  Each year, members ask whether they have some time to consider an offer.  In most cases the job you get offered is the job you want.  ‘Waiting to see’ if another job gets offered can create a rough beginning for a position.
  • Travelling a little further, or taking a grade 3 when you really would prefer grade 4, are things you need to consider before going for an interview, or before applying for a position.
  • If offered a job, an enthusiastic “Thank you!  I’m very excited to be joining your team!” is a better way to begin an assignment than “O.K., but can I call you back if I don’t get offered the job I really want.”
  • In this day and age, you need to consider these things carefully. And now, before the hiring process rolls out in April, May and June is the time to consider them…

Control Your Future – Extracurriculuars Return!

Control Your FutureExciting news this week from Toronto!  The lifting of the extracurricular ‘pause’ is seen as an indication of the positive nature of the ongoing talks with the government.  Having said that, I caution members always to consider what they are willing to do in their volunteer hours.  Consider many things – family, self, energy, availability, – before committing to the ‘extras!

Presidents have been called to a meeting in Toronto next Wednesday to discuss the recent negotiations with the government.  I am sure there will be an email coming to you following – or during – that meeting.  Stay tuned!  Stay hopeful!!

On March 28, Sam Hammond, Provincial ETFO President, sent Presidents an email apologizing for the timing of the mailing of his message of thanks to all members.  Those letters arrived in homes this week.  He asked Presidents to convey his apology to all members.  The letter stated that our advice related to Voluntary/extracurricular activities ‘has not changed’.  Sam acknowledges that that has caused some confusion and concern for members in light of the decision announced March 26 that the recommendation would be lifted.  He states ‘At the time the letter was drafted it clearly reflected our position based on the lack of concrete progress at the provincial discussion table.  The letter was mailed last week and we were unable to withdraw it once it had been processed by Canada Post.’   I am sure members understand that things can change rapidly!  Sam and his team have been working very hard during the past months.  We await news about these developments on Wednesday.

Upcoming Events – April 2013

calendarUpcoming Events

Many things coming ‘soon’!

  • April 2 – Interview workshop
  • April 3 – Woman-to Woman Dinner
  • April 12 – Call for nominations to Local Executive and to the Provincial AGM in August
  • April 19 – PL Carousel of Workshops
  • April 23 – Tim Horton’s Meet and Greet – Hwy. 7 & 8 – New Hamburg
  • April 26 – 27 – Women’s Leadership Weekend – Hockley Valley
  • April 29 – Nominations for Local Executive and AGM Due