Tim Horton’s & Tubing

Our tubing event at Chicopee is scheduled for this Thursday afternoon – when we had scheduled our January Tim Horton’s Meet and Greet. They will also be replacing the flooring in our office sometime during the next 3 weeks – we hope! Although I haven’t had the dates confirmed, I do need to be ‘close to the office’ on as many of those days as possible.

As such, we are going to have to cancel the Tim Horton’s event that was scheduled for Thursday. The next one will be Monday, February 11, 2013, at the Tim’s at 150 Holiday Inn Dr. in Cambridge – in the Smitty’s parking lot. We gather from about 3:45 until 5:00ish. Please join us if you can.

EI Issues 2013

I continue to receive reports from members that some are successful in receiving EI benefits and that some aren’t. This ETFO office has no influence on the EI system and cannot provide assistance to members regarding Service Canada. You have our best wishes when dealing with Service Canada! I would suggest that if you are not successful the first time you try, file an appeal! It can’t hurt, and sometimes if someone else looks at your situation, the determination may be different. It does not seem that Service Canada understands that for us, a contract position is what most OTs want. I do understand their confusion, as in most industries and businesses, contract positions are time limited, temporary positions.

The PL committee does hope to arrange to have staff from the Service Canada office here in Kitchener come and present a workshop for members in the spring – probably in May. We offered this a couple of years ago and it was very well attended. It is a confusing system and the ‘rules’ seem to change. Please watch for notification of this workshop.

OT Tip: Keys

keysThe recent tragic shooting in Connecticut emphasizes the imperative need for schools to provide all OTs with classroom and portable keys. We continue to hear from members who are not being provided with classroom or portable keys. Student and teacher safety is a huge priority. Please let us know where and when this is occurring. We all understand that if a member fails to return a key to the office before they leave for the day, it is their responsibility to return it to that school before the start of classes the following day.

Education Act: Regulation 274

The Board is implementing parts of Regulation 274 as it pertains to the hiring of members to LTO and contract positions. They have not provided this office with an outline of the processes they are following. There are many situations that are of concern. Please let us know if something seems out of kilter with the process you may experience. It is important for all members that the regulation be respected if it is enacted.

The five qualified applicants with the highest seniority must be interviewed.

I encourage all members to read reg. 274.