WRDSB Employee Absence Information

All employee absences are expected to be posted by Nov. 30. No employee should be alarmed if they have gone beyond the 10 sick leave days. No financial impact will be imposed at this point, nor will any retroactive adjustments be made.

At a meeting to be held in the near future, the Board will inform Union leaders as to the process for members who have exceeded the 10 Sick Leave Days. As well, the adjudication process will be outlined. Stay tuned!

WRDSB Subfinder Information

Web-Based Subfinder

Starting in September 2013 we will be launching the Web Based version of SubFinder to all Occasional Teachers.

Attached to this email is a User Guide and a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) sheet to assist you. When you log into the Web Based version of SubFinder. I recommend you watch the short video tutorial.  It is not mandatory that you use the web based product. The phone option will always remain available to everyone.

Phone-based Subfinder

1. Subfinder will call until 60 minutes before the start time of any assignment. It starts this calling when it receives notification of a position. So, if it knows there is a position at 7:00 p.m. the night before a job is available, that job will go into the call rotation and go out until the system stops calling at 10:00 p.m. and then will continue from 5:45a.m.-ish until one hour before the start time. It may be repeated many times in this period. If no one has accepted it by then, it becomes a fail-to-fill. If an assignment doesn’t get called in until 8:00 a.m. and the job starts at 8:40, it may not get called out many times. There is no ‘3 calls to a Fail-to-Fill’!

2. If Subfinder calls a person for three jobs in one calling period and that person declines three times, it will not call that individual again during that calling period. It resets itself for the next calling period, which could be the afternoon or evening calling period and the person will be re-added to the list at that time.

3. We are asked not to just hang up if we don’t want to take an assignment. Hanging up actually reduces the efficiency of Subfinder. Declining a position allows it to move onto the next person faster.

4. People who are working in the morning only, for example, may get calls when they are unable to take them. If there is a need for afternoon OTs, SF does not know that someone is in a classroom for the morning only, if they have been listed as available for the day. Members are advised to call F2F at the Nutrition Break or during a Planning Time if they want to try and get an afternoon assignment if they think there may be F2Fs because they have received calls on their cell phones that they have missed.

5. The calling periods for Subfinder are as follows…

  • 5:45 a.m. until 11:20 a.m.
  • 4:30p.m. until 10:00 p.m…

These times are for weekdays and weekends. The Fail-to-fill line is available each business day beginning at 6:30 a.m.

Holiday Pay Information 2012

Members in Long Term Occasional positions will be paid on:

  • Dec. 28 for days worked up to & including Dec. 14.
  • Jan. 11 for work completed from December 17 -21,
  • Jan. 25 for work completed from Jan. 7 – 11.

The dates for daily OTs are:

  • Dec. 14 pay will be for work completed Nov. 19 -30.
  • Dec. 28 will be for work completed Dec. 3 – 7.
  • Jan. 11 will be for work completed Dec. 10 – 21.
  • Jan. 25 will be for work completed Jan. 7 – 11.



OT Tip: New Hires

The Board will be expediting the hiring process so that some ‘new hires’ will begin in the near future – possibly by Dec. 10. The entire process will take a while, but some new members will be added as they complete their requirements.

Please keep in mind that we were all new, once! These new members will not be attending the Board orientation until the new year, and so will have many questions…and many ‘butterflies’! Please welcome them and provide whatever support you can.

Wearing your lanyards will help identify you to them. We will try and get them their ETFO information packages and lanyards as soon as we get their names from the Board – but that will also take a while. You may well be the ‘first ambassador’ they meet! In these very turbulent times, it is imperative that we have a connection to these newly hired people.

Please advise new members you meet that they need to call our office in order to receive our very important notices about possible job actions! – And then give them our number – 519-571-0222! No one, particularly someone new to the Board, wants to be out of the loop at this point in time!

Board Hiring Practices

You may have noticed some changes in the postings for hiring for LTO positions this week. Similar changes will be implemented for postings for contract positions as well, when they become available. This is an initiative of the Board in response to regulation 274 under the Education Act, and it is in response to items in Bill 115. As I’ve said so often, these pieces of legislation create many questions and the government is certainly slow to answer them! I will enter into a brief discussion here – this is in no way intended to be comprehensive or particularly erudite – it’s just how I see some of the issues. Many members have been asking about this in emails. I hope this will help address some of your issues – but keep in mind that there are few answers!

The regulation states that the Boards must create a roster of Occasional Teachers from which positions will be filled. They are directed to use the most recent date of hire to the Board’s OT list as the ‘base line’ to establish seniority. So, experience as an OT or contract teacher in other Boards does not count to seniority. Seniority is the first consideration. If there is a ‘tie’, then number of full days teaching with the Board will be considered. And if that is equal, the years of experience teaching will be considered. And then, if that is equal, the ranking will be determined by drawing lots. That process is spelled out in the regulation. The date of hire does not take into consideration that some OTs will have done the minimum number of days’ work to stay on the list. Someone else who was hired on the same day may have done LTOs or taught for 180 days a year, but will be considered equal on the seniority list, and will ‘be hired’ before a person who was hired the day after they were – again irrespective of how many days they taught, or whether they had been a contract teacher in another Board etc.

These lists, once established, will be posted on the board’s website. Teachers are to apply to be on a roster – either or both, the LTO roster or the permanent position roster (contract positions). They are to be interviewed for placement on those rosters. This will be very cumbersome – at this point it is not known if all those who wish to be able to be on the LTO roster will need to be interviewed – that could be hundreds of applications and interviews – or whether the original interview to be on the Board’s OT list will suffice, or if you can have one interview for both rosters. As we will have about 1100 members on our list soon – following the interview process for adding OTs to our list, you can understand the time it will take to establish these rosters. In order to be considered for placement on the LTO roster a member needs to have been on the OT list for 10 school months and needs to have completed 20 full days of work in the 10 months immediately preceding the application date. All postings need to be posted for a five day period. The five qualified applicants with the highest seniority must be interviewed.

For contract positions, applicants must be qualified and have completed at least one LTO of at least 4 months duration and not have received an unsatisfactory evaluation. It is important to note that the evaluation process is not defined or outlined. Neither is there an appeal process outlined in the case of an unsatisfactory evaluation, etc. Needless to say, these expectations will advantage some and disappoint others.

At this point, the Board is placing all OTs on the roster – although we know that many OTs do not want to be placed on a ‘hiring to LTO’ and/or ‘hiring to permanent position’ roster. It also does not seem to allow the Board to post for outside applications to French and some Spec. Ed. positions when there are not enough qualified and willing candidates on our list. It will be interesting, from an academic viewpoint, to watch this unroll – but very frustrating and hurtful on many personal and individual levels.

I encourage all members to read reg. 274.