Summer 2012 Office Hours

Although the office is not ‘officially open’ during the summer, I am in and out very frequently. Please feel free to leave voicemail messages or email messages and although I may not respond immediately, I will be in touch.

Many thanks to those who are informing me of contract and LTO positions – the information is very helpful!

Next Summer 2012 Newsletter

The next Connecting…Occasionally newsletter will be a ‘hard-copy‘, mailed to members’ homes in late August. It will include your new calendar book for 2012-2013, and information of a general nature that members will hopefully keep for easy reference.

  • If you have been an OT for five or ten years, you will receive a token of our appreciation for your work from us.
  • The mailing will also contain a hard copy of information from the Board regarding the on-line Health and Safety Training that will be required for all members to complete this fall. The information from the Board will include detailed instruction on how to access and complete the training and will also include the dates the sites will be accessible, and the deadline for completion.
  • The Offence Declaration is managed by a different department of the Board and, while it would be convenient for the deadlines to be the same, that may not happen.

You will receive reminders during the fall in enewsletters regarding the due dates.

Control Your Future – July 6, 2012

In ‘breaking news’, just received as I am writing this, the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association has reached a deal with the government for a 2012 – 2014 Collective Agreement. Few details are available, but the deal includes:

  • no wage increases
  • unpaid PD days – that actually are equivalent to a 1.5% pay cut
  • 10 sick days a year, with no banking of days allowed
  • elimination of retirement gratuities
  • agreement to restructure the salary grid
  • agree to develop a fair and transparent hiring process for Long Term Occasional Teachers

ETFO, OSSTF, CUPE and AEFO will be responding in a media conference scheduled for July 6. All members are encouraged to follow this situation carefully as it has the potential for significant impact on us.

There have been some comments from members regarding the duplication of the provincial information that was mailed out to Occasional Teachers and delivered to those on contracts or LTOs in the schools and was also available through enewsletters.

While we acknowledge the concerns, it is absolutely necessary that members are aware of the information contained in these newsletters. If you do receive multiple copies, or receive information through emails, hard mailing etc., please consider these as ‘differentiated instruction’ – we know some members pay little attention to some forms of communication and have preferences as to how they receive information. Communication is becoming increasingly complicated. Your patience and understanding is appreciated.

OT TRIBES Training

Many members are interested in taking this training. The Tribes TLC® process incorporates a set of collaborative skills, a framework for cooperative learning, principles of brain compatibility and processes for effective reflection questions that enhance academic achievement. This approach actively involves students in their own learning, assures respect for diversity, cultures, races, abilities and multiple intelligences, develops caring and support among students, fosters the development of resiliency and engages students in creative problem solving and decision making.

TRIBES TLC will be offered at Williamsburg Public School on August 13, 14, 15, and 16 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

  • Cost: $300.00 (includes Tribes manual, lunch on the first day, handouts and refreshments)
  • Only 25 spots available! Book Today!
  • Please email if you are interested in finding out more!

Download the TRIBES_Flyer.pdf

WRDSB: Your OT Standing

Shortly after July 10, you will be receiving an email from the Board, through Waterworks, confirming that you will be on the OT list for 2012 -2013. You do not need to reply to this email – it simply confirms that you will be on the list.

Some members will have received letters of termination from the OT list recently, for not having completed the required 10 occurrences of Occasional Teaching prior to June 15.

If you feel that this is unfair, or that the information is not accurate, you are encouraged to write a letter of appeal. This letter must be received by HR by August 31. Please send a copy of the letter to Judy Cutts as well, as I discuss these appeals with HR the first week of September. Having as much information as possible assists me in those discussions. Please feel free to call or email me with additional information, or if you have questions.


Part-Time Contract?

Please also keep in mind that if you have been successful in obtaining a part-time contract position, you will continue to be on the Occasional Teacher list for 2012- 2013. It allows you to do daily assignments or LTO assignments providing that they do not interfere with the contract portion of your day/week. It does not hurt to keep doors open – and allows you to augment your income should you choose to, or need to. You do need to complete 10 occurrences in 2012-2013 to stay on the list for 2013-2014.