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Control Your Future – June 15, 2012

You will have received an electronic copy of the first ‘takeover bulletin’ from the provincial office on June 14. There will be a hard copy of it mailed to all members’ homes on June 15. Communication with members is always a concern, and it is very important that all members are aware of the situation as it unfolds. Certainly the Liberal announcement yesterday regarding a possible election adds a new dimension to the whole situation! These are interesting times, indeed!

This first bulletin is kind of a ‘test’ and we are monitoring our ability to send out a message from this office efficiently and quickly. I have not yet received word as to whether all communications will be by enewsletter and followed by a hard copy, or by one or those methods alone. We know that many members do not seem to read enewsletters, and many others do not seem to read hard copies. I know we are all busy and we all have our preferred methods of receiving information, but we are trying to ensure that all members do stay ‘in the loop’! All communications from the provincial office will be printed on the bright purple paper on which the hard copy of the first bulletin will be printed. We hope that you will recognize that purple means important!

We’re at the Table!

As outlined under The Labour Relations Act, we have begun negotiations with the Waterloo Region District School Board. Members of our Table Team met with members of the Board’s team at a meeting on June 15. The purpose of that meeting was to establish ground rules and to discuss further meeting dates. Meetings have tentatively been booked for the fall. Stay tuned!

Membership Development Fund (MDF)

Members are reminded that if you have paperwork that needs to be submitted from courses that end in June, 2012, it must be submitted before June 30. Our year end is June 30, and we need to make sure that all financial matters for this year are completed.

If your qualification has not appeared on the College of Teachers site for AQ courses, and your provider does not give you a certificate or note indicating successful completion, make sure your receipts are submitted, and we can process a cheque and wait until the qualification appears on the College of Teachers before we mail it out. There can be no extensions to this date.

If you are taking a course during the summer, keep the receipts and certificates that indicate successful completion for submission for MDF for 2012-13. The updated application forms should be available very shortly after July 1 in the FAQ section of the OT conference on Waterworks and can be submitted at the completion of courses. Requests can be made at any time.


The most recent edition of the ETFO ‘Voice’ magazine’ that you received in the mail this week has an article discussing why it is important for OTs to get classroom keys. We know that the practice around this can vary from school to school, but the direction is clear – that OTs must have keys to the classroom they are in. Some schools, locally, ask for a piece of a teacher’s personal belongings in exchange for keys. We feel this is inappropriate on several different levels, and are discussing this practice with the Board.

We would appreciate hearing from members who have not received keys, or who have had to leave items at the office in exchange for keys. We understand that it only happens in a few schools, but we need to know. Some schools say they do not have enough keys if there is a large number of OTs in the building on a particular day – this is not an adequate excuse for not providing keys to each OT. Needless to say, if you leave a school and take the keys with you, you are responsible for returning the keys to the school as soon as possible.

OT Tip: Contracts Coming Out!

Contract postings come out on Tuesday, June 19, and close on Wednesday, June 20 at 4:30. Sometimes there are contract positions that get advertised through Apply to Education at different times during the summer, so keep watching!

The first of the LTO postings will open on June 25 and close on June 27 at 4:30. The second LTO posting will be on August 13 and close on August 15 at 4:30. Good luck and stay positive!

Please keep us apprised…

If you are successful in attaining a contract or LTO position, please let us know. Although we eventually get the information from the Board, we appreciate knowing who got what position as soon as possible!

Provincial Takeover Bulletin #1 – June 15, 2012


The provincial ETFO office will be sending out ‘Takeover Bulletins‘ as new information becomes available. The first one, which summarizes where we are now, is included here. A hard copy will also be sent to your mailing address within a few days.

Judy Cutts
WROTL President

Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario

Waterloo Region Occasional Teacher Local

Provincial Takeover

June 13, 2012On June 1, 2012, all ETFO locals were placed in provincial takeover. Provincial takeover means that ETFO has assumed responsibility for negotiating the collective agreements for the local. It provides access to resources – both human and financial – for the local. These enhanced resources will assist the local in achieving a collective agreement for its members.

The members of your Provincial Takeover Team are:

Chairperson: Sam Hammond, President, ETFO
Chief Negotiator: Colleen Lee, ETFO Executive Staff
Strike Coordinator: Nancy Baldree, ETFO Executive Staff
Local President: Judith Cutts
Local Chief Negotiator: Mary Karchemny
Local CBC Member: Crystal Cox
Local CBC Member: Nathan Core

The Local Negotiations Table Team members are:

Chief Negotiator: Colleen Lee, ETFO Executive Staff
Local President: Judith Cutts
Local 1st Vice President: Keith Little
Local Chief Negotiator: Mary Karchemny

Notice to Bargain

Under the Ontario Labour Relations Act, collective bargaining can begin within 90 days of the expiry of the current collective agreement, or at any time as permitted in the collective agreement. ETFO collective agreements expire on August 31, 2012; Waterloo Region District School Board was provided with notice to bargain by ETFO on June 1, 2012. Members will be kept informed about the progress of negotiations.

Provincial Discussion Table (PDT) Update

On May 23, 2012, ETFO received updated parameters for the 2012-2014 Provincial PDT from the provincial government. The complete parameters may be found on ETFO’s Control Your Future website ( These parameters fail to address ETFO members’ concerns about the unprecedented demands being made by the government. They also demonstrate, yet again, the government’s unwillingness to engage in a respectful process that supports the negotiation of collective agreements.

Respect Teachers, Respect Collective Bargaining Campaign

In April 2012, ETFO launched its Respect Teachers, Respect Collective Bargaining campaign. Make sure that you send a message to Queen’s Park. Complete and mail a Respect postcard today.

Political Protest Vote

The unprecedented attack by the provincial government on our collective agreements will eliminate rights that we have secured over the past several decades. Our salary grids, sick leave, gratuities, and pensions are under siege. We have tried to be reasonable with this government but its response has been anything but reasonable. If the government decides to ignore the legal right of ETFO members to engage in collective bargaining and, instead, attempts to strip collective agreements through legislation, a strong vote in favour of political action will ensure that ETFO is prepared to respond to protect our profession.

How to Stay Informed About Bargaining

You will be kept apprised of the status of negotiations through Provincial Takeover Bulletins and at general membership meetings. Collective bargaining information may be obtained at the Control Your Future website, This round of bargaining will not be easy, but your negotiating team is committed to achieving collective agreements that recognize your skills and professionalism. Your support of your collective bargaining team will be key in achieving a collective agreement.

OT Tip: LTO Leave of Absence

There is no provision for taking unpaid leaves of absence from LTO positions in our Collective Agreement.  This can be a huge factor in planning whether you are able to accept an LTO if you have, for instance, made plans for a honeymoon or vacation that would require you to be away from your position.  There are many other reasons why this could be an issue.

  • If there are such circumstances, you should disclose these in the interview for the LTO position.
  • There is no day allowed for ‘personal reasons’ for LTOs in our Collective Agreement.  That could include such things as wanting to attend a graduation ceremony, a friend’s wedding, moving, etc.
  • There is provision for leave for illnesses, Religious Holy Days, and there are up to two days available for family care with deduction from the sick leave account.  This could cover taking relatives to appointments, or taking care of an ill family member, for example.
  • For more complete information on Leaves see Article XIII in the Collective Agreement which can be found through the ECNO site or on our Local website

OT Tip: Cancelled Assignments

Cancelled Assignments:  Our Collective Agreement, Article 9.03, states that ‘The Board shall give a minimum of two (2) hours’ notice of cancellation of any prearranged assignment.’    It further states that should 2 hours’ notice not be provided, that the OT will be paid for the assignment, and that the OT should report for alternate duties, which may include being reassigned by the Board to another school.  That reassigned school should be within the same family of schools, and the Board shall reimburse the OT at the Board’s current rate per kilometer for the distance between the original assignment and the reassigned school site.

We need to defend all parts of our CA.  When you do, you speak for all 1100 of us!  Please let me know if you have any issues with jobs being cancelled without due notice.